Postmodern Buildings in Britain published!

Postmodern Buildings in Britain, by Elain Harwood and Geraint Franklin and co-published by Batsford and the 20th Century Society, was published last week, with a launch in late November. We're delighted that our work features in the chapter on the legacy of Postmodernism of contemporary British practices.

£15k from Mayor of London for Rayner's Lane 'Garden Village Triangle'

Working in collaboration with the London Business Partnership, Harrow Council and the Young Harrow Foundation, DK-CM have designed a small public realm and social entreprise project for a key corner in Rayner's Lane town centre. The project is currently live on the Mayor of London's Sparehive site, part of the Crowdfund London funding initiative.

David of DK-CM and Deryck Sealy (LBP) presented the project in the Chamber at City Hall last week, and the Mayor of London pledged £15k to the project. You can join him and back the project here:

DK-CM in upcoming book Post Modern Buildings in Britain

'Post Modern Buildings in Britain' by Elain Harwood and Geraint Franklin will be published by Batsford in November. We're delighted that our Barkingside project will be featured as a case study showing postmodernism's continued influence.

The book is available for pre-order, here's an Amazon link in advance of other ways to buy.

DK-CM are looking for exceptional people for a range of roles

Part 3 / Part 2 Role

We are looking for a talented recently qualified architect, or an experienced Part 2, to work on a number of new projects of differing scales in London for local authority clients. These projects include public realm masterplans, temporary structures, community buildings and residential masterplans. We are a small, ambitious and driven practice and we are looking for someone very organised, dynamic, and with the ability to work across varying workstages and typologies and above all a belief in the kind of work we are engaged in.

You should have excellent communication skills, excellent writing skills, excellent detailing skills, experience in leading on planning & building control applications, and knowledgeable of a wide range of UK procurement routes. We are looking for someone with ambition, initiative and the ability to support our small team in complex design projects.

Competency in Vectorworks, SketchUp, Excel, Word, InDesign Illustrator and Photoshop is essential. Ability to demonstrate understanding of integrated BIM documentation and the Revit coordination process would be welcome. Please send CV, portfolio summary and covering letter to Attachments no greater than 5mb please.

Experienced Part 1 / mid Part 2 Role (Summer)

We are looking for talented individuals for a number of tasks and roles within the office on an immediate basis for Summer employment, with potential for a longer-term commitment. You might be an experienced Part 1 or midway through your Diploma.

You should have excellent communication, writing, modelmaking and design skills, We are looking for someone with ambition, initiative and the ability to support our small team in complex design projects.

Competency in Vectorworks, SketchUp, Excel, Word, InDesign Illustrator and Photoshop is essential. Strong modelmaking skills would be very welcome. Please send CV, portfolio summary and covering letter to Attachments no greater than 5mb please.

Salaries to be negotiated in relation to experience. DK-CM is an Equal Opportunities employer.

DK-CM asked to design new education building in Norfolk

DK-CM have been asked by the Creative Education Trust to design a new building for an existing school in Norfolk. We'll post more soon.

Follow DK-CM on Instagram!

DK-CM have joined Instagram. Our posts will alternate between our own work, and 'Show and Tells' chosen by our team. Since 2012, we have run regular 'Show and Tells' in the office where someone from the team shows the rest of us something, usually over lunch or following a team meeting. The definition of 'something' is deliberately vague and allows all sorts of interests, enthusiasms and precedents into the office. Our new Instagram feed allows us to share extracts of these sessions.

Follow us here!

Planning approval for Romford Market House

DK-CM has gained planning permission for the Market House, a new civic and commercial building in the heart of Romford town centre, and part of a series of projects to regenerate the historic Romford Market. As part of the project, part of Market Place in front of St Edward’s Church will be permanently pedestrianised to create a significant new open space for the town, also designed by DK-CM working in collaboration with Project Centre.

The Market House has been designed as a timber-framed structure, partially open at ground level and with an open terrace on its first floor. As well as café and restaurant facilities the building will include a room providing facilities for market traders.

The project is part of an investment programme developed by Havering Council in partnership with the Mayor of London.

Work on the new building is expected to begin this Spring.

Manor House Café on site

Manor House Café, a refurbishment and extension of a 1920s 'mock tudor' public convenience in Southall, has started on site, and the main frame of the extension is up. The Café is an addition to the major new public space we designed next door, which has been shortlisted for the 2016/17 London Planning Awards as Best New Public Space.

DK-CM shortlisted to masterplan Old Oak Common

Working as part of a team led by Grimshaw and including Rick Mather Architects, DK-CM have been shortlisted to masterplan Old Oak Common, a 140 hectare regeneration area in north-west London.

We're obviously very excited - for more on the story and the full shortlist, see the Architects' Journal story here.

Photo: The Architects' Journal.

Erith Meanwhile

DK-CM and The Decorators have completed work on 'Erith Meanwhile', a meanwhile use strategy commissioned by the London Borough of Bexley to explore impactful meanwhile use projects for Erith town centre. The project involved extensive 1:1 conversations with a diverse range of stakeholders across the town and built up a series of proposals for ensuring that the culture and character of Erith is consolidated and celebrated over the coming years of change.

On site in Russia!

Work has started on site works for the dacha we are designing for Olya Troitskaya and Robert Sollis. Cristina and David of DK-CM visited the site (and some prospective contractors) in early Summer and are now designing the proposed house in more detail, but in the meantime a whole series of site works have taken place, from dowsing for water to laying out the house at 1:1. Here is a photo essay using photos by David at DK-CM, Olya and Robert.

The site at the beginning of Summer

Scything away the long grasses

Setting out the ground plan at 1:1 and lighting a fire in the 'living room'

Another, slightly bigger fire!

An expert dowser on site, identifying the right site for the dacha well

The well framework in place

Rolling the well components onto the site

The well and its temporary roof

Erecting the site boundary fence. The timbers have the same profile as the final house

The new fence in place, as seen from a neighbouring plot

Planting trees to thicken the plot boundary

Erecting a temporary site hut to contain electrical services ahead of the final house.

Design Guidance for Thurrock

Working in collaboration with Emily Greeves Architects, DK-CM have been commissioned by Thurrock Council to produce research toward the creation of a new design guide for residential alterations and extensions. We're very excited by this chance to contribute to an ambitious new piece of public-facing planning guidance, particularly as Thurrock is such a fascinating place - here's an image of Bata Avenue in East Tilbury, one of Thurrock's Conservation Areas.

Photo courtesy of The Industrious East.

The Tenement: collective city dwelling before Modernism

David Knight and Irina Davidovici, of ETH Zurich, are co-convenors of one of the sessions at the forthcoming Society of Architectural Historians 2017 Annual International Conference, to be held in June 2017 in Glasgow. David and Irina first worked together at Kingston University, where they co-delivered History & Theory courses for the BA Architecture programme, and Irina is the author of Forms of Practice: Swiss German Architecture 1980-2000.

The text for the session can be read below.

The Tenement stands today as a model of long-lasting, viable and democratic type of urban dwelling, having survived decades of association with overcrowding and poverty. Multi-apartment urban residences, initially built speculatively to house working-class lodgers, are being reappraised for their durability and decorum, and for their expression of social diversity and urban density.

Glasgow is distinctive for the quality and spaciousness of its surviving tenements, but also holds lessons about the tragic impact of their demolition. The prevalence of the tenement flat in the housing cultures of American cities and Continental Europe holds the promising potential of comparative studies. Can one understand the historical Tenement as the outcome of cultural transfers between Europe and the US? As a form of social condenser in the industrial city? Or as a highly efficient expression of economic and construction parameters?

We invite papers that discuss the Tenement as architectural type and urban form, in its intended arrangement or subsequent use. Subjects may include general characteristics and local variations, impact on urban character, the dilemmas of their conservation and gentrification. The session will address the type’s global history and relevance, including technological and morphological characteristics but also engaging with various legislative structures, regulations, economic principles and patterns of inhabitation. Based on their historical circumstances, is it possible to associate the collective housing of Tenements with nascent ideologies and social practices? What were their original meanings and usages, and how have these changed through the passage of time? Today, when public housing is dwindling and modernist estates decline, might the example of the pre-modernist Tenement offer alternative strategies for a richer, more integrated urban life?

Image via.

Official photographs from the European Prize for Urban Public Space Ceremony

The CCCB in Barcelona have released official photographs of the prize-giving ceremony for the 2016 European Prize for Urban Public Space. Here is a selection showing David, Cristina and our client accepting the award on behalf of the project team.

Photo credit: CCCB, Miguel Taverna 2016

David Knight becomes a Trustee of The Architecture Foundation

Yesterday, The Architecture Foundation announced the appointment of four new Trustees, one of which is David Knight of DK-CM. David joins Richard Jones (Nord), Maria Smith (Interrobang) and Holly Lewis (We Made That) as new trustees, joining a wider team made up of Simon Allford, Bettina von Hase, Hanif Kara, Farshid Moussavi, Robert Mull, Eric Parry, Peter Rees, Dries Vande Velde and Matthew White.

David said: 'The Architecture Foundation is ideally placed to assert the role of architecture in the politics, economy, culture and aesthetics of our society, and to do so in a way that is both celebratory and propositional. To connect architecture with the politics of development is not to dissolve its character but to assert it, particularly in a place such as London: rich in history and character but facing fundamental challenges which the practice of architecture should play a key role in addressing.'

Read about the appointment here.

A Special Mention for Barkingside in the European Prize for Urban Public Space

DK-CM are delighted to announce that our project in Barkingside Town Centre has received one of four Special Mentions in the 2016 European Prize for Urban Public Space. The results were revealed at a ceremony in Barcelona on Monday, and all the winners can be seen on here. (Photo via Ada Colau!)

Meanwhile Use in Erith

DK-CM and The Decorators have been appointed by the London Borough of Bexley to develop a 'meanwhile use' feasibility study and strategy for Erith town centre.

The Dacha: Work in Progress

We have begun work on designing a dacha north of Moscow for graphic designers Robert Sollis and Olya Troitskaya. Here are some 1:200 models exploring the form of the house - more soon!

DK-CM Finalists in the 2016 European Prize for Urban Public Space

We are delighted to announce that our project in Barkingside Town Centre is a finalist in the 2016 European Prize for Urban Public Space. We are the sole UK project represented on the list of finalists, and are looking forward to hearing the news of winners and commendations in July!

DK-CM working for the Creative Education Trust in Rugeley

DK-CM have been appointed by the Creative Education Trust to redesign the landscape between the existing buildings of the Hart School, a new school formed out of two existing institutions in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

The project will develop a series of landscape interventions across the picturesque site, including an outdoor classroom sited at a key location in the landscape where the school’s land intersects with a public footpath. The project will involve co-design with the pupils of the school, aided by participation expert Daisy Froud.

Barkingside Kiosk Complete

The final physical intervention of the Better Barkingside project has just finished on site. The building houses a kiosk and WC whilst transforming the delivery bay of the 1960s swimming pool into an attractive public front. It is also a miniature replica of the original swimming pool.

Ten Ideas for New Mayor: David Knight at The Architecture Foundation

David's micro-lecture on public planning, presented at the Barbican Centre last week, has been published on-line. View it here.

A Dacha north of Moscow

DK-CM have begun work on an exciting new commission, to design a new Dacha (or Russian summer house) for a woodland site north of Moscow for graphic designers Robert Sollis and Olya Troitskaya. We'll post more as the project develops, but for now here is a photograph of the site today.

DK-CM in New Architects 3

We are delighted to be one of the practices selected for New Architects 3, a new book to be published by The Architecture Foundation in April and available now for pre-order. The book is 'the definitive survey of Britain's best emerging practices'

'Postmodernism 4.0': Barkingside Town Centre in the RIBA Journal

Following publication on-line at the end of 2015, DK-CM's work in Barkingside is featured in the print RIBA Journal this month.

'Skillful work'; RIBA Journal on Barkingside Town Centre

We're delighted to see that DK-CM's projects in Barkingside are featured in a RIBA Journal building study by Hugh Pearman, published on-line today.

Barkingside the subject of Architecture Foundation documentary

DK-CM's projects in Barkingside are the subject of an excellent short documentary produced by The Architecture Foundation as part of Doughnut, an ongoing programme about outer London.

David featured in housing documentary

David is part of a new documentary Housing, Homes and Technology, produced by Tech For Good, exploring the potential of technology to improve processes of housing and planning. The documentary also features Alastair Parvin of 00 and Matt Leach. Watch it in the player above.

Barkingside shop and WC on site

The final part of our Barkingside project has just started on site. It's a small building housing a retail unit and public convenience, but it also plays a big role in the urban design of Barkingside town centre, transforming the ugly rear delivery bay of the pool into a public-facing use. The building is a scale model, if you like, of the original swimming pool, literally bringing the pool down to a human scale.

The park in which the building will sit, Virginia Gardens also by DK-CM, has been open for over a year now so we're very excited to see the building take shape.

New offices, same building!

DK-CM have moved offices, but happily we have not moved very far. We've travelled up the stairs and along the corridor to Unit 10, 5 Durham Yard. The new studio is about the same size but a lot sunnier!

Apart from our unit number, all other contact details remain the same.

Works to Manor Parade nearly complete

Our renovation of the 1920s Manor Parade in Southall is almost finished. Above is a view of the whole parade with its restored upper storey, and below are photographs of three of the new shopfronts. Each shop has a new or updated identity, most of them designed as a collaboration between the businesses and DK-CM.

The Parade will be formally re-opened at an event in October.

Photographs from The Great Outer London Pub Quiz

Here are some photos taken by Gui Rebelo of the 'Great Outer London Pub Quiz', run by David Knight at last weekend's Doughnut Festival of Outer London at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. David's quiz formed part of a programme featuring Gillian Darley, Tom Holbrook, Hanif Kureishi, Michelle Provoost & Wouter Vanstiphout, Will Self and Patrick Wright.

'Learning from Colin Ward' at the Garden Museum

David will be speaking at the Garden Museum in Lambeth on 8 Octover, alongside Daisy Froud, Eric Guibert and Ken Worpole, discussing the life, work and influence of Colin Ward. His plan is to 'update' two of Ward's key texts, 'Arcadia for All' and 'The Do It Yourself New Town' by revisiting the sites of Bungalow Town and the Laindon plotlands, in order to explore the tensions in Ward's theory between housing freedom and state intervention. With pictures.

Tickets and more information via The Architecture Foundation.

The Great Outer London Pub Quiz for The Architecture Foundation

David will be hosting the Great Outer London Pub Quiz as part of The Architecture Foundation's major event 'Doughnut: The Festival of Outer London' on 5 Sept. The Facebook page for the event is here, and teams are encouraged to submit their team details here. The quiz will explore Outer London from an enormous variety of perspectives, and will naturally be highly educational as well as extraordinary fun. Come on down!

DK-CM in Porto for Travelogue Summer School

David Knight and Cristina Monteiro gave a lecture as part of the Travelogue Summer School hosted by the Fine Arts Faculty of Porto University. The summer school was run by graphic designers (and DK-CM collaborators) Ana Schefer and Teo Furtado, and also featured Europa and Anna Best among others. It resulted in a publication, shown in the photo above.

DK-CM's talk explored the spatial and political impacts of the guidebook as a format, both in history and in the work of the practice, from Wallpaper* City Guide: Porto to Around Barkingside and SUB-PLAN.

DK-CM commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation

DK-CM have been commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation to deliver public realm strategy work and design guidance for one of the Corporation's key site allocations, Pudding Mill. The project will be undertaken in collaboration with Rick Mather Architects and builds on their prior work in the area.

Mayor's Prize Commendation for Barkingside at the New London Awards 2015

DK-CM's project Better Barkingside won a Commendation at yesterday's New London Awards 2015, held at the City of London Guildhall and hosted by New London Architecture. The award is supported by the Mayor of London. Congratulations are also due to our collaborators Europa, JMP and eHRW, as well as our client the London Borough of Redbridge.

Manor House Square Southall opens!

The site fencing has come down at DK-CM's new square in the centre of Southall Green, adjacent to the historic Southall Manor House and forming a new frontage to Manor House Grounds park. The project is one of eight public space interventions we are delivering as part of Southall Great Streets Phase 2 for the London Borough of Ealing. Prior to this project, the adjacent park was underused despite new play infrastructure, an issue that the scheme addresses by opening up sight lines and creating new routes & entrances. There's been a noticeable increase in park usage since the square opened. We are now looking forward to how the new square supports Southall's annual Vaisakhi celebrations, during which up to 100,000 people will parade through it, as well as the delivery of three parallel projects: a new cafe in the former toilet block & renovation of the adjacent shopping parade, both by DK-CM, and the activation of the Manor House as a catering hub by 00. Photograph: Lemuel Dickie Johnson.

Southall Manor Parade Refurbishment on site

Our renovation of Manor Parade,a 1920s parade of shops on Southall Green, is currently on site. Part of the Southall Great Streets Phase 2 project, the renovation will see the façade restored in parallel to shopfront improvements to every business on the parade. Manor Parade faces our new public square, also delivered as part of the SGS2 project for the London Borough of Ealing.

Southall Walking Tour for the London Festival of Architecture

DK-CM spoke as part of a GLA-led walking tour of Southall on Friday. The tour, part of a season of GLA walks for the London Festival of Architecture, took in DK-CM's new and improved public spaces throughout Southall as well as a parallel project, 'Dine in Southall', which is working to deliver a 'hospitality hub' in the Manor House.

Barkingside shortlisted for New London Awards 2015

Our work in Barkingside has been shortlisted in two categories of the 2015 New London Awards: Public Space and the Mayor's Prize. The winner will be announced at a lunchtime event at the City of London Guildhall on 7 July.

Wood Green Meanwhile Campus

Haringey Council has asked DK-CM to produce proposals for their Wood Green Meanwhile Campus project. The project recently received £300,000 funding from the GLA High Street Fund, with DK-CM supporting the council in producing the successful bid.

Building Rights at the V&A: All of This Belongs to You

David hosted an event at the V&A, London on 24 April, as part of the 'Civic Futures' Friday Late session, programmed as part of the exhibition All of This Belongs to You. David presented a short talk on the 'Building Rights' project and then led a workshop wherein all attendess proposed new planning strategies for the V&A and its local area in the wake of an unspecified fictional natural disaster. Thank you to everyone who came along and participated, and especially those who stood up and presented their plans! Here's a photograph of the event by Alexander Giarlis, showing David and David.

APDIG Design Manifesto Launches

The All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group has launched its 'Manifesto for Design' ahead of the forthcoming election. The manifesto was informed by a series of 'roundtable manifesto discussions' held at the Design Museum, at which David Knight spoke on the subject of design in relation to the planning system.

Southall Great Streets: Saint Anselm's

One of the 'Southall Great Streets Phase 2' mini-projects has completed. The project, which forms a new public realm along the frontage of Saint Anselm's Catholic Church, provides new access and signage to the church (a 1968 building by noted church architects Burles Newton & Partners) as well as new fitted seating and landscaping at a key point along one of Southall's primary thoroughfares. The cream terrazzo and geometry of our design replicate the terrazzo alter inside the church. The only things missing are the trees and plants, which will be planted shortly. The project is a collaboration with Europa, Project Centre and Urban Movement for the London Borough of Ealing.

Other mini-projects are on site throughout Southall- more images soon.

Southall Great Streets: Manor House Square on site

One of the 'Southall Great Streets Phase 2' mini-projects has begun on site. The project creates a new square at the heart of 'old' Southall, addressed by Southall Manor House, Manor House Grounds park, and a new cafe, also designed by DK-CM, in an adjacent disused toilet block. The pattern of granite in the space is based upon the timber frame of the Manor House, and provides a new and more generous setting both for the 1920s war memorial and for events. Across the road, the SGS2 project will see the parade of shops renovated.

Southall Great Streets Phase 2 is a collaboration with Europa, Project Centre and Urban Movement for the London Borough of Ealing.

Lastly, here's our CGI of how the square will look when complete.

Greater London Authority Specialist Assistance Team

As part of the Greater London Authority's Specialist Assistance Team, DK-CM are currently working with a number of London boroughs to prepare bids for Round 1 of the Mayor's High Street Fund.

David at the All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group

David will be speaking alongside Deyan Sudjic (Director, Design Museum) and Jolyon Brewis (Chief Executive, Grimshaw) at the All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group on 7 January. The breakfast event aims to define the APDIG's emerging 'Manifesto for Design' ahead of next year's General Election.

New town square and pocket park in Barkingside nearly complete

Our major public realm project in Barkingside is nearly complete, here are a collection of site photos. The town square has been formally named Ken Aston Square , after the legendary football referee and Barkingside resident. The park, which transforms the disused rear deck of Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre into a new public park, has been named Virginia Gardens after the road that it faces. Formal completion of both projects is expected in early 2015.

Barkingside's new town square...

...and Virginia Gardens:

DK-CM & Pablo Bronstein's Reimagining Mayfair in the AJ

This week's Architects' Journal features DK-CM and Pablo Bronstein's proposal for the Royal Academy of Arts' 'Reimagining Mayfair' project, and Pablo's proposed 'float' is featured on the front cover. You can read about the project here!

Building Rights in Guardian Cities

Our project Building Rights, part of David's PhD at the RCA, features in author Tom Campbell's recent article about rejuvenating the discipline of planning on Guardian Cities. You can read the article here. Also featured is NOVUS, the 'public planning thinktank' co-founded by our collaborator and ADS2 teaching partner Finn Williams.

Cristina reviews Bradfield College Greak Theatre for Architecture Today

This month's Architecture Today (#253, Nov/Dec 2014) includes a review by Cristina of Studio Octopi's renovated Greek Theatre at Bradfield College, Berkshire. The digital edition of the magazine can be read here.

David on canals and the housing crisis for The Architectural Review

David is interviewed in a series of films dealing with politics, economy and culture of London's wtaer infrastructure, produced by The Architectural Review and the Old Royal Naval College. The films form part of a series of events curated by Ellis Woodman.

David lecturing at Frome Architecture Club

On the 4th November David will give a lecture on 'Building Rights' at Frome Architecture Club in Somerset. Tickets are available here!

Lecture at the Cass

On Wednesday David gave a lecture on the UK planning system and 'Building Rights' at the Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University.

First night at Barkingside's new town square

Last Saturday, Barkingside's new town square, designed by DK-CM and the Better Barkingside project team, was opened to coincide with the annual Barkingside 'Light Night' celebrations. There was music, dance, food and speeches in the main square, and a special childrens' theatre production in the new pocket park at Virginia Gardens, also designed by us. There'll be more events in the months to come. Here are some more photos of the day!

David lecturing at 'Open House London' 2014.

David will be giving a lecture, 'Every Town Needs a Crown', on the work of Frederick Gibberd at Fullwell Cross Library on Saturday 20 September, 2:30pm. Attendees will also be able to pick up a copy of 'Around Barkingside', a guide to Barkingside's architecture and heritage produced by DK-CM and Europa.

DK-CM & Pablo Bronstein: 'The May Fair'

DK-CM and Pablo Bronstein, with support from Project Centre, are presenting their 'Reimagining Mayfair' proposals at the Royal Academy this weekend (19-21 Sept), firstly at an evening event on Friday at 6 Burlington Gardens and then in the form of a public exhibition all weekend, forming part of the Royal Academy's contribution to Open House London 2014. Watch the video that we made for the event in the player above.

The Green Belt is Icon of the Month in Icon

David has co-authored an article on the Metropolitan Green Belt with Charles Holland and Finn Williams in this month's Icon magazine (#135, September 2014). The article shares the Countryside-themed issue with, appropriately enough, two Daisies (Froud and Ginsberg), Rem Koolhaas and Will Wiles, and its theme builds on last year's ADS2 programme at the Royal College of Art, which will again be run by David, Charles and Finn this year.

'Change of Plan' at the East End Preservation Society

David will be giving a public talk on the present and future of the planning system to the East End Preservation Society on 23 September, as part of a double bill with Holly Lewis of We Made That. The talk will take place at the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings at 37 Spital Square, E1 6DY from 6.30 to 8pm on Tuesday 23 September 2014. Seats must be booked in advance.

Make your booking via indicating how many places you would like. The talk is free but EEPS encourage a voluntary contribution of £5.

Southall Green public space wins planning

DK-CM's proposed new square and cafe on The Green, Southall, was granted planning permission last night at the London Borough of Ealing's Planning Committee. The project is part of Southall Great Streets Phase 2, a series of public realm and economic regeneration projects throughout Southall for which DK-CM are lead designers, working with Project Centre and Urban Movement. Our proposal for the Green provides a new civic space for 'old' Southall, realigning the entrance to Manor House Grounds in order to form a new square centred on an existing war memorial and framed by the listed Manor House and a new cafe. The new cafe will occupy a refurbished Mock-tudor former toilet block built in the 1920s.

Planting Day at Leeke Street

Yesterday we got together with our client to plant up our rooftop space at Leeke Street in King's Cross. The project is nearly finished (just in time for Summer, ish) and completed photos will be posted in the next few weeks.

Barkingside site update

Work on our Better Barkingside project has seen two exciting developments this week. The construction of the loggia, a 'straightened-out' 1:1 reproduction of the adjacent library's clerestory windows, has begun, and in our new park at Virginia Gardens the bespoke railings are being installed.

DK-CM and Pablo Bronstein reimagine Mayfair for the Royal Academy

As reported today (18.07.2014) by The Architects' Journal, the team of DK-CM and artist Pablo Bronstein has been shortlisted in the Royal Academy of Art's 'Reimagining Mayfair' ideas competition, one of four teams to get this far. The RA describe the competition as a ‘platform for new thinking’ which seeks ‘bold new ideas for reimagining the area of Mayfair directly to the north of 6 Burlington Gardens’. Read the story in the AJ.

'Building Rights' launches at the V&A, London

On Friday, Building Rights launched in style at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, as part of the V&A Friday Late 'It's All Yours'. David hosted a two-part planning pub quiz in the museum's former archive room. Congratulations to the winning quiz team, 'Delegated Powers'! Photographs © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Bespoke railings for Barkingside

Metalworks London, based in Lougborough Junction in South London, are currently fabricating the continuous looping railings we have designed for the Better Barkingside project - and which are visible on the image of the project currently on our front page. With the loggia, we are expecting these to be installed in the next few weeks...

DK-CM at the Fittja Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale

DK-CM are showing a pair of drawings as part of The Fittja Pavilion, presented by Botkyrka Konsthall in the Serra dei Giardini, as part of the 14th Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. In addition, David will be participating in a roundtable discussion on the subject of late-Modernist architecture and urbanism at the Fittja Pavilion at 4pm, 6 June. Please note that the DK-CM office will be closed 5-6 June so that we can attend these events.

David leads Architectural Association Night School 'Pub Crawl'

On Friday, David led a pub crawl for the Architectural Association Night School programme. A devoted team of attendees staggered between seven central London pubs, arranged chronologically, to hear a partial and polemical social and architectural history of the London public house.

Main structure up at Leeke Street

Work continues on our new rooftop space for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. This week the (currently unpainted) steel frame has gone up, prior to being partially in-filled in with wind breaks and window boxes. The bespoke timber deck is also visible in the background.

Test cast for the Barkingside loggia

On Thursday we visited Evans' Derbyshire factory to see the first test casts of the loggia we have designed as a key part of the Better Barkingside project. A 1:1 'straightened out' replica of the clerestory windows designed by Frederick Gibberd for the adjacent library, the loggia is partly white to match the library's concrete shell lantern, and partly turqoise to match the copper verdigris of its roof.

Planning Permission for Saint Anselm's

DK-CM today (10 April) secured planning permission for a new public space outside Saint Anselm's Catholic Church in Southall, designed as part of the Southall Great Streets Phase 2 project. The new space will provide a new frontage to the church, new seating, signage, entrance steps and a parish noticeboard, designed with Europa. The site is one of eight public spaces reworked for Southall Great Streets Phase by DK-CM, working with Project Centre and Urban Movement.

David speaking on the future of London street markets

David will be speaking about London street markets at 'The Future Market Show', tomorrow's 'Chrisp Street on Air' event at the Lansbury Estate in East London, hosted by The Decorators. Details on the event are here.

Pocket park taking shape in Barkingside

The new pocket park at Better Barkingside is coming together. New, semi-mature trees have been planted and most of the hard landscaping is complete. The new balcony for Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre is complete and awaiting its new balustrade. More updates soon!

David speaking on London's social housing history for the AA

Yesterday evening David was an invited speaker at the AA Night School's Bike Tour of east end social housing, hosted by Andrea Klettner. Other speakers were Finn Williams, Daisy Froud and Paul Karakusevic, and the tour began with a lap of Arnold Circus on the Boundary Estate. David spoke about the Lansbury Estate in Poplar as a prototype for both post-war London and the New Towns, and the various weird and wonderful temporary architectural constructions that were built to introduce these ideas to the public. Photo: AA Night School.

'Work in Progress' exhibition at the Royal College of Art

Here are images of David and ADS2's exhibits at the now-closed RCA Work in Progress show 2014. David showed his ongoing PhD 'Making Planning Popular' in the form of paper and wall-based propoganda for the soon-to-launch website Building Rights, whilst ADS2 built a 1:25,000 model of the Metropolitan Green Belt and sited their initial proposals for the site on it.

Archived News


There are three good reasons to visit the RCA School of Architecture Work in Progress show, which opens tonight. The first is that ADS2, taught by David with Charles Holland and Finn Williams, will be showing their work in progress in the Metropolitan Green Belt. The second is that David, Charles and Finn's essay about the Green Belt, published in the new issue of Volume, will be on show. And last but not least David's PhD research, Building Rights, will be on show in the Upper Gulbenkian Gallery, in the form of a beautiful piece of recruitment propoaganda designed by Europa. Come along!

06.02.2014 VOLUME #38 THE SHAPE OF LAW

Volume #38 has been published. Titled 'The Shape of Law', the issue features an article by David and his RCA co-tutors Charles Holland and Finn Williams on the Metropolitan Green Belt, the 'legislative space' where their students are working this year. Blog post about the issue here.


Our project in King's Cross for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation gained planning approval today! The scheme will provide a new outdoor space for the Foundation on the roof of their existing premises in Leeke Street in the London Borough of Camden.


On 25 March, David will be one of the speakers at East End Social Housing, an AA Night School bicycle field trip led by Andrea Klettner of Love London Council Housing. Daisy Froud (AOC) and Paul Karakusevic (Karakusevic Carson), among others, will also be speaking. Get your tickets here! UPDATE: Tickets have now sold out, but the Night School website will offer returns nearer to the date.


DK-CM have been commissioned to produce a masterplan and detailed landscape design for the Kings Garden, a project by St. John's Church, Southall, to rejuvenate the former church of St. John as a multi-use, multi-faith centre. The commission will relate closely to DK-CM's design for the adjacent public space, which will be delivered as part of the £1.8m Southall Great Streets Phase 2 project for Ealing Council.

06.01.2014 HAPPY 2014!

Here's a group shot by Robert Sollis of the joint DK-CM/Europa Christmas trip to Essex. It was taken at the Haven Plotland Museum in the former plotland community of Dunton, just outside Basildon.


As part of the UK Pavilion curated by Jeremy Till and Central Saint Martins, David's research 'Making Planning Popular' and its practice component are on show at the Shenzhen + Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, curated by Ole Bouman. A team of MA Animation students at CSM, working to a brief written by David Knight, have produced an animation called 'The Planning Game' which examines the central themes of David's research by means of an 8-bit video game. The Royal College of Art news story is here.


Window display sessions and the installation of vinyl window graphics have been taking place today on the Green Parade in Southall, as part of our Southall Great Streets Phase 2 project and the Southall Big Plan. These light-touch interventions are a precursor to a refurbished parade building and individual shopfront improvements to be delivered in the coming months.


As part of our project Southall Great Streets Phase 2, we are renovating a parade of shops facing The Green in the centre of Southall, a new public square in front of Southall Manor House. The first part of the project are a series of light-touch window display projects, and the first of these were installed this week: exterior grocery shelves for Sandeep Food & Wine and a new display shelf for Al Baraka.


Our move is complete and we're now settled in to our new home in Bethnal Green. Please update your records with our new address and telephone number here!


We mounted a public exhibition today at Southall Manor House to show our various public realm projects throughout the town centre. The proposals, by DK-CM, Urban Movement and Europa, have completed 'Stage D' and we will soon be applying for the various required approvals.

15.10.2013 DK-CM ON THE MOVE

At the end of this week the practice is moving to a new studio in Bethnal Green, leaving our current home near Old Street. We'll show you our new studio soon, but in the meantime here we are, for the final time, in the old one. From left to right: David, Cristina, Morris the dog, Teo, Ellie and Ana.


The newly reconstituted ADS2 studio at the Royal College of Art School of Architecture has begun. It is taught by David Knight, Charles Holland and Finn Williams. Teaching page here, newly-begun blog here!


As we mentioned in an earlier post, David, Cristina and Eleanor have contributed a Book of Copies to the ongoing San Rocco project, currently on show at the Architectural Association in London. Our book is about 'Shop Windows' and sits alongside other books by Tom Emerson, Juan Herreros, OMA, Ryue Nishizawa, Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi, and Jan de Vylder amongst many others, hough Oliver Wainwright and Tom Greenall's 'Buildings Shaped Like Animal's is obviously the best one. Here's curator Sam Jacob flicking through our book at the private view. The exhibition is open until 2 November.


Fittja Open, curated by Botkyrka Konsthall in the satellite town of Fittja, opened today, showcasing projects by Anna Ådahl, Richard Dore, Ayhan Aydin, and DK-CM, amongst many others. We gave a talk about our work, and our commissioned project 'Fittja Centra', with Tor Lindstrand at the Mångkulturellt Centrum as part of the opening programme. The photograph shows the Kuben, a concrete cube on the roof of Fittja's former waste facility which has been repurposed as a gallery space for the event. We'll post more on DK-CM's project, 'Fittja Centra', shortly.


Our project in Barkingside has started on site. A key part of the project is a new public park at Virginia Gardens, on the site of a disused sundeck for the adjacent swimming pool, so its fantastic to see the wall surrounded the sun deck coming down and connecting the pool up to the high street for the first time. Follow the project on twitter at @betterbside for more updates!


DK-CM have been invited by San Rocco to contribute to their forthcoming exhibition San Rocco: Book of Copies, on show at the Architectural Association from 5th October until 2nd November.


In September we are participating in the 2013 Fittja Open programme, commissioned by Botkyrka Konsthall. Click here for the programme. The Fittja Open programme is an ongoing engagement by the Konsthall in the suburb of Fittja, part of Sweden's extraordinary 'Million Programme' to deliver a million new homes in the postwar years. Follow us on twitter over the opening weekend for updates on our project.


David is speaking alongside Simon Ricketts (SJ Berwin), Catherine Croft (The 20th Century Society) and Iain Borden (UCL) at 'Appropriate Measures' tonight at The Architecture Foundation, as part of the Culture and Commerce season. Here's a link to the details.


Opening on August 12th, 'Frameworks' is an exhibition of work by Sam Aitkenhead, Astrid Bois d'Enghien and Alexander Turner, three graduates from the Royal College of Art. Astrid and Alexander will be showing their thesis projects produced as part of ADS2, taught by David with Adam Khan.

08.08.2013 DK-CM LTD IS ONE!

DK-CM celebrates its first year as a limited company today. Come and join us for a drink or two at St John this evening!


David, working with Oliver Wainwright and Finn Williams, has been shortlisted by the British Council to curate the next British Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. The Building Design article about the shortlisting can be read here.

27.06.2013 TODAY'S LESSON: DOMUS 970

David has written a piece for the new issue of Domus, on The Hayes Primary School in Croydon by Hayhurst and Company.


David Knight will give a TED talk at the forthcoming TEDxHackney event in Dalston on 29th June. For more information and to book a place visit


Today the Better Barkingside Front Room hosted a special event where all the designers working on the Barkingside Frontages project showed their work in progress ideas to each other, the client team, and to invited critics Moira Lascelles (Deputy Director, The Architecture Foundation), Oliver Wainwright (The Guardian) and Levent Kerimol (Greater London Authority). Many of the 24 proposals, for Frontage improvements throughout Barkingside, are almost ready for implementation and so they'll be appearing up and down the high street over the coming weeks and months. DK-CM are curators and managers of the Barkingside Frontages project in collaboration with the team at the London Borough of Redbridge, with support from the Mayor’s Outer London Fund.


On Tuesday Cristina will be speaking at the RIBA Building Futures event 'This house believes that UNESCO is holding back our cities', joining John Penrose MP (former minister for Heritage and Tourism), Chris Smith OBE (director of Planning and Conservation at English Heritage) and Michael Squire, (partner, Squire and Partners). The event will be chaired by Finn Williams. Click here to reserve a place!


DK-CM team member Eleanor Hedley has had two drawings selected for exhibition at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. The drawings, which form part of 'The Theatrical Landscape', Eleanor's diploma project at UCL, will be on show at the RA in London from 10th June to 18th August 2013.

28.05.2013 ADS2 AT THE RCA SHOW 2013

The work of ADS2, taught by David Knight and Adam Khan at the Royal College of Art, will be on show at the RCA Show 2013. For the first time, the School of Architecture will be exhibiting at the RCA Battersea.

ADS2 will be showing their proposals for the town of Lewes in the London Borough of East Sussex, a series of provocative and beautiful explorations of the future of the UK's town/country divide.

The dates for Show RCA 2013 are 20-30 June.

Visit the RCA website for more details, and the ADS2 tumblr is here.


The work of postgraduate Unit 2, taught by David Knight and Cristina Monteiro, will be on show from the 16-21 June at Kingston University's annual degree show. The private view will take place on 15 June from 1-7pm.

Within the school's overarching theme of World Heritage, Unit 2 will be showing proposals for the city of Porto which deal with the tensions of a World Heritage site that also happens to be a living piece of city. Also on display will be the school's ongoing research toward listing the London Public House as intangible cultural heritage, as shown recently at Ecobuild.

Visit & for more details.


David will be leading a workshop event at the School of Life, London, on Wednesday 24th April, as part of the 'Future Thinking' series. Here's the link to book a place, and here's the blurb:

The UK government hopes to boost business by making it easier to build. If the laws on planning do loosen up, what does that mean for the future of our shared landscape? How does my DIY extension impact on your front-lawn folly? How do we reconcile our own needs and grand designs with the common good, including that of other species? How much individual power should we have as individuals to change how our environment looks and feels? What role can we each have in creating a collective sense of place?

Tonight David Knight will help us get our heads around the big philosophical and political questions that lie behind the planning rulebook. In conversation with Rebecca Bell, he’ll argue that we all need to know more about how it shapes our fundamental freedoms. He’ll also explain why it can be difficult to oppose a new development and what we can do to have more impact. Finally he’ll help us to decide, through practical thought-exercises, whether we would we better live in a landscape of total freedom or a place like Poundbury where development is tightly controlled.

Future Thinking is a series of events where leading design experts help us rethink what the future looks like and the role we want to play in shaping it.


The Barkingside Front Room, a project space for the duration of the Better Barkingside project and housed in Sir Frederick Gibberd's Fullwell Cross Library, opened today. The Front Room, designed by Europa, faces the high street (and the roundabout) with supergraphics which use a bespoke font based upon found typefaces in the 1968 library. The Room will host events in the coming weeks and will house an ongoing archive of the area's history and future.


DK-CM are delivering two guest lectures this month. The first will be at FAUP, Porto's renowned architecture faculty, at 6:30pm this Friday 15th February. Sharing the bill will be the students of Unit 2, taught by David Knight and Cristina Monteiro, who will be showing their ongoing research and proposals for Porto.

The second lecture will be delivered by David at Canterbury School of Architecture on Thursday 21st February, 6pm.


'Barkingside Frontages', an open call for artists, designers, and other practitioners, has launched. The project will deliver a series of varied frontage interventions around Barkingside, from shops to public spaces and institutions. It forms part of our 'Better Barkingside' project for the London Borough of Redbridge. Click here for the Call for Submissions PDF. And follow @betterbside on twitter!


DK-CM, in a team with JMP and graphic designers Europa, have won a competitive tender to deliver new public spaces and frontage improvements in Barkingside for the London Borough of Redbridge. Follow Better Barkingside on Twitter for updates.

03.10.2012: NEW TEACHING UNITS 2012-13

The new academic year is underway. Diploma Unit 2 at Kingston is now taught by David Knight and Cristina Monteiro, though continuing in the spirit of the Unit built by David with Adam Khan and Bernd Schmutz. Adam and David will continue teaching together, but are now at the Royal College of Art, where they are running ADS2.


As part of its annual 'vertical' project Kingston University School of Architecture and Landscape is compiling a listing proposal for the DCMS to have the London Pub considered for World Heritage status. This ambitious project has seen 435 architecture, landscape and interiors students document 90 London pubs through film, drawing and conversation. A review of the initial research was held in the main foyer on Friday, attended by Jamie Dean of Design for London and James Pallister of The Architects' Journal. The next stage of the work will be presented later in the year at the School Assembly. The project has been led by Daniel Rosbottom, David Knight and Jane Houghton.


Cristina appears in The Observer's group interactive photograph taken at the 2012 Venice Biennale.


DK-CM and Folk in a Box have returned from a season of performances to mark the opening of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. The box is now on static display at the David Chipperfield-curated exhibition spaces of the Arsenale and will shortly be joined by a film co-produced with Sakiko Kohashi of the box's Venetian adventure. Enormous thanks to the Folk in a Box team and to the 'Folk in a Box Venezia' roster of performers: Emily Barker, Dom Coyote, Sam Lee, Mark Ritsema, Stefano Scutari and Sofia Taliani.


David presented a lecture on his RCA research and then introduced Vittorio de Sica's 1956 film Il Tetto.

09.07.2012: UTOPIA LONDON

David will be speaking at a screening of Tom Cordell's film 'Utopia London' at Sugarhouse Studios this Thursday, alongside the director and Simon Terrill. He'll present recent work by students of Kingston University's diploma Unit 2 on the theme of 'Great Estates'.


David has edited the Architecture Foundation's King's Cross Field Guide to coincide with the King's Cross Hub weekend of the London Festival of Architecture, and its theme of 'urban actions'. The guide has been designed by Ken Kirton and is available free throughout the weekend.

02.07.2012: 'STAY UP' AT THE AA

Cristina is teaching Unit 1 at the Architectural Association Summer School 2012 with Fran Balaam.

27.06.2012: STUDIO CULTURES 2012

David will run a workshop with Adam Khan, James Payne and Nina Lundvall at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University this Friday, as part of the Studio Cultures 2012 conference funded by the UK Higher Education Academy Centre for Education in the Built Environment.


The Kingston show opened yesterday and will run until 22nd June. Postgraduate Unit 2 have produced a publication - free at the exhibition - of our collective 'Great Estates' work. Come and get it!


David Knight & Cristina Monteiro will exhibit at 'Common Ground', the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale 29.08-25.11 curated by David Chipperfield. The news was revealed in the June 2012 issue of Icon. Link.


The Unlimited Edition #2 will be exhibited as part of the ARCHIZINES show at Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York City,


'Folk in a Box', designed for the Folk in a Box project by Cristina, has attracted some highly enthusiastic press in the past few weeks, notably in the pages of the Daily Telegraph, Dezeen, Frame, Building Design and The Architect's Journal.


David will give a lecture, 'Making Planning Popular: Recent Work 2009-2012', at the School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape at Newcastle University, 15.02.2012, 5pm.

09.02.2012: FOLK IN A BOX

Work has completed on 'Folk in a Box', the unique one-on-one performance venue designed and delivered by Cristina with carpenters Aldworth James & Bond. Take a look at the project website:


The 'Making Planning Popular' microsite has launched! Visit here.

01.02.2012: GRIST

David is exhibiting at GRIST: the Royal College of Art Work-in-Progress show 2012.


David will present 'Toward a History of Popular Planning', a paper which introduces his current research at the Royal College of Art, at The Edge of Our Thinking: RCA International Conference on Research in Art and Design, 19.11.2011 (a change from the earlier date: click the link for downloadable programme).



Cristina's work with muf on Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel, features in Issue 3 of The Unlimited Edition, edited by We Made That and distributed for free between Aldgate and Stratford, East London. The issue also features a hand drawing by David.


David will be a guest at Wysing Arts Centre near Cambridge on 12.11.2011 as part of artist Ruth Beale's residency at the Department of Overlooked Histories.


David and Kingston Unit 2 feature in the November 2011 issue of Creative Review. The article is 'The Nation of Shopkeepers' by James Pallister.


David has joined the judging panel for the Campaign for Real Ale Pub Design Awards.


David's 2011 teaching programmes at Kingston University have begun: Unit 2 with Adam Khan and Studio 1.4 with David Lawrence.


Wallpaper* City Guide: Porto has been launched at the Serralves Foundation.


David has guest-edited The Unlimited Edition Issue 2: Speculation for High Street 2012.


David has written 'The Postmodern Plan' for Architecture Today Issue 221.


David has written 'Travellers and Squatters' for the SQUASH Campaign. Read here.