DK-CM's directors write for major publications and lecture widely, whilst our built and theoretical work has featured in magazines, newspapers journal and websites worldwide.

A selection of texts by and about DK-CM, and our lectures & public events, are presented below.


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About DK-CM

'You can now eat dinner in a London lighthouse' by Kitty Drake, Time Out London, 24 August 2017.

'Fine food heads to the Lighthouse' by Katie Strick, Evening Standard, 23 August 2017.

Erith Lighthouse, Architecture Today, August 2017

'Glowing polycarbonate "lighthouse" designed to rejuvenate industrial stretch of River Thames' by Rima Sabina, Dezeen, August 2017.

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'PoMo's back in fashion', by Hugh Pearman, RIBA Journal, January 2017.

'El premi: L’obra feta a Barkingside, a Londres, mostra l’interès per la modificació per sobre
de la nova construcció' by Xavier Monteys, El Pais, 14.07.2016

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(A building study of Barkingside Town Centre)

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Talks and Lectures

'Experiments in Living: A Manifesto for Harrow' at the launch of Better Design Harrow, hoste by the Royal College of Art and The Architecture Foundation, 10.07.2017.

'Twins: Marginal Activity' at Dalston Boys Club, London, 02.03.2017. David Knight compèred a night programmed by Charles Holland and Robert Mull of the University of Brighton, and featuring talks and discussion from Jes Fernie, Daisy Froud, David Kohn and George Saumarez-Smith.

'Working in Public' at Winkley Street Open Studios, London Festival of Architecture, 16.06.2016

'A Manifesto for London: Ten Ideas for the New Mayor' at Barbican Centre/Architecture Foundation, 19.04.2016, with Oliver Wainwright (The Guardian), Mark Brearley (Cass Cities), Bob and Roberta Smith, Kate McTiernan (Shuffle), Crispin Kelly (Baylight Properties), Claire Bennie, Carolyn Steel, Anna Minton & Alex Ely (Mae), and chaired by Ellis Woodman.

'Building Rights' at Critical Urban Ecology 2016, University of Brighton, 22.02.2016

'Learning from Colin Ward' at The Garden Museum/Architecture Foundation, 08.10.2015, with Daisy Froud, Eric Guibert and Ken Worpole, chaired by Ellis Woodman.

'Politics and Places' Camberwell College of Arts, 12.05.2015

'On trying to be a political designer' Chelsea College of Arts, 02.03.2015

'Recent Work' Cambridge University, 16.02.2015

'Urban Design Proposals (Proposals for Urban Design)' Kingston University, 4.02.2015

'Building Rights' Nottingham University, 4.12.2014

'DK-CM Recent Work' Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, 12.11.2014

'Building Rights' Frome Architecture Club, Frome, 04.11.2014

'Building Rights' The Cass School of Architecture, London Metropolitan University, London, 15.10.2014

'Building Rights' Make Lewes Festival 2014, Lewes, 21.09.2014

'Every Town Needs a Crown: Frederick Gibberd & Barkingside' Fullwell Cross Library, 20.09.2014 (Part of London Open House 2014)

Invited speaker at 'Contemporary Approaches to Late Modernism' 'The Fittja Pavilion', 14th Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, Venice, 06.06.2014

'DK-CM Recent Work' Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, 29.04.2014

'Stories about Places and Buildings' Camberwell College of Arts, 22.04.2014

'Planning is Frozen Politics' Architectural Association, 21.02.2014

'DK-CM Recent Work' Central Saint Martins, London, 24.10.2013

'DK-CM Recent Work' Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, 23.09.2013

'Fittja Centra: DK-CM in conversation with Tor Lindstrand' Fittja Open, Botkyrka Konsthall, Sweden, 21.09.2013

'Culture + Commerce: Appropriate Measures – Can Established Planning and Preservation Measures be Adapted to Protect More Radical Forms of Culture?' The Architecture Foundation, London, 11.09.2013. With Catherine Croft (The 20th Century Society), Simon Ricketts (SJ Berwin) and Henry Edwards-Wood (Long Live Southbank).

'Making Planning Popular' TEDxHackney, London, 29.06.2013

'Grand Designs' part of the Future Thinking series. Lecture and workshop in collaboration with Rebecca Bell, The School of Life, London, 24.04.2013.

'Beyond Localism: Making Planning Popular' Stour Space, Hackney Wick, 19.04.2013

'Peripheral Work' University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury, 21.02.2013

'Recent Work' Architecture Faculty, University of Porto (FAUP), 15.02.2013

'Recent Work' Cambridge University, 05.02.2013

'Making Planning Popular' University of Westminster, 28.09.2012

'Making Planning Popular presents 'Il Tetto' First public lecture introducing David's PhD research at the Royal College of Art. Followed by screening of 'Il Tetto' by Vittorio de Sica. Sugarhouse Studios, 26.08.2012.

'Great Estates' Talk and Panel Discussion to accompany a screening of Utopia London. Sugarhouse Studios, 12.07.2012.

'How London Works' Talk and walking tour for Unit 1 at the Architectural Association Summer School. 05.07.2012.

'The Radical Precedent' Studio Culture Conference 2012, London Metropolitan University. 29.06.2012. With Adam Khan.

'Altab Ali Park' Invited speaker at the 'Live Projects' Symposium 2012, Oxford Brookes University. Cristina presented muf architecture/art's work in Whitechapel. 25.05.2012

'Making Planning Popular' Evening lecture at Kingston University School of Architecture and Landscape. 30.02.2012

'Making Planning Popular: Recent Work 2009-2012' Guest lecture at Newcastle University School of Architecture Planning and Landscape. 15.02.2012

'Toward a History of Popular Planning' Paper delivered at The Edge of Our Thinking: RCA International Conference on Research in Art and Design. 19.11.2011

'Good Laws Rightly Applied: A History of Deciding the Future' Mini-lecture as part of Ruth Beale's residency at the Department of Overlooked Histories, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire. 12.11.2011

'Metropolitan Improvements: Producing the Regency City' Guest lecture at Kingston University School of Art and Design History, London. 24.10.2011

Invited guest at Denise Scott Brown: New Questions at The Architecture Foundation, London. 26.09.2011

Touring Talk of Pablo Bronstein: Sketches for Regency London at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. 21.07.2011

'Landscapes of Legislation' Landscape Institute, London. 02.07.2011

'The Beer Acts: How a legislative bastard became a public institution' 'Pub Talk', hosted by LMU ASD MA&DE and de magazine, London. 31.03.2011. With Nicola Read, David Kohn, House of Jonn, James Gilpin and Nicholas Henninger of EXYZT.

Participation in Museum Futures: Exploring Partnerships and Public Engagement at the London College of Communication, London. 29.03.2011

Participation in the commission Public Monument by Sean Dockray, at Shadowboxing, Royal College of Art, London. 18.03-03.04.2011. A conversation, mothballed until broadcast in 2021, between David and Zig of London Boaters and covering housing as a verb, unreal estate, the mutualisation of the waterways and easements. Props: 1 Lilliput Lane cottage, 1 cheese sandwich, 1 broken chair.

'SUB-PLAN: Working with Permitted Development' 'Further Reading Required', Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. 17.02.2011. With Finn Williams

'Permission to Build' New London Architecture: Don't Move, Improve!, London. 12.02.2011. Guest speaker with Naomi Cleaver and George Stowell

'Building Practices' Thinking Building Lecture Series, Kingston University School of Architecture and Landscape. 01.02.2011

'On Porto' at London Metropolitan University Unit 2: Patrick Lynch, Alun Jones, Paulo Moreira, 14.10.2010

'Building without Bureaucracy' with Finn Williams and chaired by Michael Tsoukaris, London Borough of Southwark. A talk at the Architecture Foundation inaugurating the 'Skyroom' designed by David Kohn Architects, 21.09.2010

'Street Policy: Could explorative urban behaviour shape spatial planning?' Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference 2010, Urban Subversions Session, London. 03.09.2010

'Knowing the Rules' a lecture on 'SUB-PLAN' and 'The Rule of Regulations', and a general plea for architects to engage with regulatory structures. Guest lecture, UEL Diploma Professional Practice 08.03.2010, CPD Seminar at Edward Cullinan Architects 07.04.2010, UEL Degree Professional Practice 08.11.2010, UEL MA Sustainability and Design 24.11.2010)

'The Subversive Survey' Paper delivered at 'Field/work': 6th AHRA International Conference, Edinburgh. 20-21.11.2009

'The Birth of Autonomous London' This is Not a Gateway Festival, London. 10.2009

'Free Space: The Green Grid as Found' First lecture in the Green Grid Lecture Series, running all year at Kingston University School of Architecture and Landscape. 10.2009

'Recent History' Guest lecture, City University, London. 2009 and 2010

Guest at 'From the Invisible to the Exotic: Public Perception of the Roma Gypsy', hosted by The Ratiu Foundation / The Romanian Cultural Centre during GRTHM 2009, for Project 35 and with Catalin Berescu and Alex Valentino

'Tales of the London Traveller' with Sue Konu and Project 35, at London College of Fashion International Seminar 'Roma Gypsy Survival Strategies' 2009

'On the Rule of Regulations' Guest lecture at CF Møller Architects, 2009

'On the Rule of Regulations' University of East London, 2008