A supportive infrastructure for London’s delivery rider community which creates public realm benefits for all on London's Inner Ring Road.

London’s community of delivery riders is expanding rapdily. Deliveroo and UberEats riders informally gather at street-corner ‘zone centres’ whilst ‘dark kitchens’ are appearing to supply them with product. Much of this activity, which does not provide basic amenity for the riders, takes place on the Inner Ring.

Utilising underused TfL land along the Inner Ring – traffic islands and difficult corners – we propose a network of ‘Rider Gardens’ where the rider community can gather, eat and socialise, served by kiosks providing light meals, warm drinks, first aid, WCs and bicycle repair equipment, delivered as a partnership between the GLA/TfL and the delivery companies.

Wherever they are, the Gardens provide a greening of the wider streetscape, including tree-planting, pedestrian-facing lighting and a more inclusive and diverse public realm.

Our proposal is inspired by London’s 19th century Cabmens Shelters. In this tradition, the Rider Gardens will provide new life to unloved spaces, humanise traffic-dominated environments and will bring many benefits in line with current ‘Healthy Streets’ indicators.

The images describe a pilot project on the New Kent Road, a map of the Inner Ring showing our proposed trio of pilot projects (New Kent Road, Old Street and Euston Road), a mock-up of a rider-facing mobile app to indicate garden locations to the rider community and the Cabmens Shelters precedent.

Client Greater London Authority
Dates 2018